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Luik the Western sergal.

Western sergals(西方サーガル) were a subspecies of the Northern sergals. They had settled close to the Native Nevreans that inhabit the northwest area of planet Tal, kept quietly to themselves in a small area of land.

They were almost destroyed due to the genocide in western lands by Shigu, approx the year 28 in Rain-Calendar. Many historical details about them were lost.

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Their appear very similar to their Northern cousins, with a slightly more slender build.

Intermediate colors based on cold color pallet such as blue-green, purple, and pale gray are common fur colors.



The festival in northwest, western sergals and native nevreans.

They inhabit small villages along the forests and wetlands, and exchange culture with the nevreans of Nevrea land nearby. Their share the nevreans' cultural appreciation for beauty and art, including poetry, song, music and dance. Therefore there are many poets, and they share the culture that protects the "beautiful things" (e.g. male nevreans).

They were attacked and nearly wiped out by General Rain. Her lust for beautiful things (beautiful and cute boys) led her to wish to take them for her own. The Western sergals resisted her, but most died in the attempt, and the few that survived took refuge in the southern lands, mainly Gold Ring.

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