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Somewhere in Gold Ring, the greatest city of planet Tal. "Quzue" and "Priley" the Male Nevreans are drawing their sale cart.


Sergals in Thekan the Talyxian-Plants area, can see many heterogeneous plants that are common plants in Tal.


Vocal pronunciation of Vilous in English, Spanish, and Japanese dialects.

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Vilous(ビロウス birousu) is the science-fantasy world setting and universe created by Mick39. In Old Age, it is the name for the planet. But in New Age it is the name for the system's Star; the name of the planet where creatures live is "Planet Tal".

Primary species in Vilous are divided into two broad groups: Eltus and Talyxians. The most well known species from Vilous universe, Sergals, belong to the Eltus race group. An outlook on the scene of Vilous is considerably different from Earth. Strange plants without chlorophyll occupy most of the planet Tal, demonstrating its unusual characteristics. There are animals on Tal that are peculiarly different as well from Earth's animals although they may share the same name.

If you want to know the primary things...
About Terminology
About Places, Areas, and Those Culture
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About Chronology in Canon Story

Important note: In New Age, there is a possibility the name of planet Tal will change to "planet Vilous". This would mean that Vilous returns to a planet similar to the Old Age and Tal would become extinct. But that hasn't been decided yet.


If you need more in-depth worldbuilding and detailed information, Please consider Paid Contents of Vilous.

1382538254.mick39 ahst

The market in Northen Sergals land after world-war.

1370006660.mick39 1370005945.solidgrain.lab お祭り

The festival in Vilous. There are Sergals, Male Nevreans, Agudners.

1348209243.mick39 winteranswer cm9

Northern Sergal's sparring in Shigu land.

1354183559.mick39 街2s

"Gold Ring", the Greatest city.

Mick39 imgs

The captive of Northern Sergal soldier.

1443694829.mick39 6f

In Gold Ring the southern city, Sergal soldiers are slaying the tentacle creatures which attacked the city. Note: That Nevrean couple is Male(left) and Female(right)

1377425846.solidgrain.lab sample

"Lingo", the male Talyxian-Stalker, He does hydroponics of beans as research for clone technology.


Rich Southern Sergal living in Golg Ring is enjoying dinner.(Dislayed from the Vilous Official Art-pack#1 "Vilous Worldview 1.")

1321283969.mick39 1

The building in Vilous

1411483550.mick39 raka cm11

General Rain's happy shopping at "Priley", the Male Nevrean's booth.

1443507846.mick39 5f

Agudner and Eastern or Southern sergal soldiers, are having makeup warpaint.


Female Nevrean milkman who rides the "Shellfish horse", and she sell the "Shellfish milk" to sergal.

1419414517.mick39 zf s

Sergal soldiers taking a break in the shade.


Urban Nevreans. Female enjoys an email by portable fax, and male talk to from a window.

1408473456.colo-hungry fuzznut cm m

General Rain's rich bathing

1442415549.mick39 dragonsergalcm

In the GR city, male sergal nobleman "Bran" and male Nevrean servant, "Gitana".

RJ143788 img smp1

Chatting male Nevreans from sample of Vilous Official Art-pack#1

RJ143788 img smp3

Old Agudner man and old Talyxian-Stalker from sample of Vilous Official Art-pack#1

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