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Torori Nira
Torori on Patrol PNG




Northern Sergal


Nira tribe





Torori Nira is a northern sergal of Clan Shigu, from the Nira tribe. With his nephew Aruuchi and most of the other youths of his tribe he left to join Rain's army in his teens, and is the first leader of the Nira scouting party. Like his nephew he loves to hear stories, but cannot stand telling the same story more than once nor listen to the same story more than once if he still remembers it, and as a result, he hates children due to their stereotypical needing to hear stories more than once and asking of pointless questions. A firm believer in General Rain, he devotes his life with many others from his tribe to patrolling the southeastern Tatola, along the mountain range and just along the border of the Sailzane.

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