In Gold Ring city.

The one of original comics Mick39 created about the New Age World of Vilous. This is peaceful and funny story about the daily life in Gold Ring after Vilous world-war that is submitted on Mick39's Twittermainly.

日本語: ゴールドリング日常漫画

Story line


Mr. Yaji and Cracked in their house.

The daily life story in Gold Ring of the Mr. Yaji who is Eastern Sergal and the Cracked who is Talyxian-Stalker named "Fuwafuwa(フワフワ)", means "Fluffy".

Mr. Yaji and Fuwafuwa's life

Fuwafuwa meets Mr. Yaji

Cub Cracked was forced mating by two male T-stalkers, "Boor" and "Cap". But then, she was helped by Mr. Yaji. Therefore they came to live together.
Yaji calls Cracked "Fuwafuwa".

Gc2 en

Two male T-stalkers, "Boor" and "Cap" were forced mating to Cracked.

Gc6 a en

Boor and Cap, their second attack.

Gc7 a en

Mr Yaji sent away them, and he picks up Cracked.

Fuwafuwa goes to hospital (Creepy Scab)

Mr. Yaji goes to a hospital with Cracked by having found creepy scab in her body.
Note: Read from right to left.

Hos1 en

Yaji found strange scab. He put Cracked in a mesh washing bag and went to the hospital.

Hos2 en

They meet "Shirokuro" who is T-Stalker cub in a waiting room.

Hos3 en3

Cracked acted violently at a consulting room, but she calms down by the interesting box which "Dr. Nao" who is T-Rooter doctor used. "Deovi" is the things like an athlete's foot.

Hos4 en

Her scab did not get serious. And Cracked makes friends with Shirokuro.

Mr. Yaji's daily life

Note: Read from right to left.

Yaji1 en

Yaji is cleaning his room.

Yaji2 en

He presented the futon which he made with dust to Boor and Cap.

Other Mr. Yaji and Fuwafuwa's Gallery

Note: Read from right to left.

Mowa9 en

A biting bug in Cracked's fur.


Cub Cracked and various creatures which there is around her

Mowaandyaji en

Cracked is interested in snake.


Mr. Yaji go out by his car with Cracked.

Fish en

They came for fishing with Yaji's friend. Cracked scatter their fishing gear, so she was got angry at.

Fish2 en

Cracked thought "If I don't behave myself, I will be fed for fish!", so she kept still very much.

B5oS ngCQAIaX23 en

The tasty christmas present from Cracked. But it is so creepy...


Strange creepy bug disguised itself as a Cracked.


Cracked got the sink dirty.

Old days of each

Mr. Yaji's old days

In old days, Yaji worked in the Primitive creatures measures branch office.
But he was some self-conscious and wanted to look good when he was young, he came to have the left foot numb by the paralytic poison due to the tentacle-creature that he got carelessly.
Therefore a trouble came to be reflected on his work, so he changed his job to a common guard.

Gc4 en

Young sergal soldier asking his friend about a weird happening. Translation by Ary based on Mick's original text.

Gc5 en

Young Yaji and his colleague, they were attacked by Female Nevrean robbers on the bus. Furthermore, "ibo-tarashi" the tentacle-creature came over here.

Fuwafuwa's old days

Cracked was bullied by sergal children who can call brat.

Mowa3 en

Sergal brats are bullying Cracked.

Mowa4 en

They are meditating to paint mustard to her.


Poor Cracked, She was sopping wet.


She continued enduring until they go.

Extra Edition

One day, Cracked was in such condition. Mr. Yaji goes to a hospital with Cracked. But unexpected event happens...


Yaji went to the hospital, Nao's hospital again.


The scene to her inside mind.


Cracked's inside mind.


Dead or alive of Cracked and Vilous...


Dire emergency of Vilous.


Cracked got new body.


Hello Dr.ケフシ, good-bye Cracked.


Dr.ケフシ's more appearance.


Dr.ケフシ(Kefushi), the Rooter.

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