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A one of talyxian-stalker

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Various talyxian-stalkers head

Talyxian-Stalkers(日本語:タリクシアン・ストーカー, also called "T-stalkers" or "Stalkers" for short) are creatures that are belonging to group of talyxian species. They correspond to feline in the Earth, hence are treated as "cat" by people.

They are quadrupedal and share many of the surface features to a whole of talyxian creatures, specifically the inorganic parts of their head and various details on their bodies. And they have very various individual particularities on their appearances, especially to heads. Of course, they are not machine, cyborg, or robot beings.

Some of them can talk, but they generally fall into animal beings and non-industrialized life although they have high intelligence. They are technically considered sentient race, but they are generally treated as the intermediate of an animals and a people, they have no perfect 'human right' unlike Eltus race.

The reproductive system and genitalia are very unique among them.

Physical description

1348833551.mick39 colo

Colo, the female t-stalker.


Cracked has antenna.

As common features of talyxian species, their flesh, tongue, mouth and genitals are gray, as well as their blood.

The angular shape parts of their body are composed of fur that has been compressed and has hardened which results in their body being incredibly robust. All of them have very strong jaws and retractable claws like felines. They are also extremely fertile, and have a slim head to reduce birth pains on their mother when they are born.

Some of them have insects-like antenna on their part which is near to their maxillary tip.

All of them have an incredibly tiny hole of around 1 millimeter located on their cranial region. It goes unnoticed by most and is something that can be considered their "weak spot": If somehow an object the size of a needle is pricked into that hole, the individual will immediately die. Talyxian-rooters are the only ones who do know the exact position of the hole, as well as how to perform euthanization with it.


Generally, all of their newborns born as hermaphrodite. But when hitting puberty, they can choose what set of genitalia they have, in other words their gender. (Everything will be written at next section.)

All t-stalkers have a slightly protruding duct for an anus. Males' testicles are housed within the body as in reptiles and fish. The clitoris is comparatively large in females.

Nipple position also varies between males and females: male nipples are located on the upper chest (as in humans), mature females have multiple breasts on their abdomen (as in quadrupedal mammals). Newborns have nipples located at the middle of the abdomen which develops into one of the above sets according to one's chosen sex.

Reference Image (NSFW)

Some t-stalkers also do not necessarily fall into this common anatomy description.

Reproduction and gender system resized lingo general

Lingo, male t-stalker who also has breasts.

When t-stalkers conceive, they will carry two embryos, one male and one female. Soon, however, the male embryo will merge with the female one, causing the child to be born as hermaphrodite. Should this not happen, what would have been the newborn stalker's male genitals will instead result in the birth of a talyxian-rooter. These extremely rare cases of the embryos failing to merge causes two offspring to be born: A talyxian-rooter and a female stalker.

The probability of a stalker becoming pregnant with a rooter after mating is of ~3%, but this increases to ~12% if one of the parents used a rooter's sperm.

In general, all t-stalker newborns are born as hermaphrodites, but they are able to choose what genitalia they will keep when they hit puberty. Because of this, adult t-stalkers have a variety of sexes ranging from solely male/female, to hermaphrodites as well as intersexed.


1331915725.mick39 mizole

Mizore the male talyxian-stalker. Unlike common stalkers, he don't do hunting. He eat minerals or trophoblast that cover the surface of shellfish creatures' crust by his plane tool-like mouth.

Regarding their diet, the best nutriment for stalkers is fresh raw meat. They are technically considered omnivorous, but they prefer meats more than vegetables. Stalkers who live in more urban areas often have difficulties in finding raw meats, and instead only have access to processed or cooked foods. That's why the quality of an urban stalker's fur is rather poor compared to their rural counterparts.

Generally they hunt small animals or insects and so on, large one may be able to hunt deer-like creatures. Urban stalkers may do scavenging on garbage bags, some of them may be fed by Eltus people. As for urban stalker who is good for ridding of vermin such as rats, may be treated as 'good cat' by people.

Some of them may be not confined to their common diet, may not do hunting and may eat minerals and so on.

In rare cases, part of them may attack to Eltus race, and eat 'Eltus flesh'.

Ecology and behavior


"Yuke" a Male T-Stalker and his children.

1388038109.colo-hungry lime

Adult Cracked is attacking to Lime who is male nevrean.

Despite their high intelligence, they have very low interest in higher intellectual pursuits, instead preferring to spend their time hunting, eating, mating or sleeping.

Urban stalkers can talk some, completely wild stalkers can't talk in most cases. Generally they are living as wildlife, so they don't have completely personal rights unlike other race.

Most of them are treated as "talking feral-cats", t-stalkers who get a job in the same way as Eltus race are few. If they work with Eltus race in city, they are good at helping by wild guess as feral animal. (e.g. as for them who work in digging, they are good at finding superior mineral resources. If t-stalker who works at a dentist exist, she/he is good at finding a decayed tooth immediately.)

It is worth noting that most of them seem to have a strong finicky, biased way of thinking and sexual deviances for unknown reasons, often showing sadistic or masochistic behavior.

They are generally known as docile cats, but part of them having a monstrously violent and sexual deviances may be harmful for Eltus race. Such they are treated as a man-eater, and Eltus people will slay them if injured parties are increased.


1312395857.mick39 kinako

Early sketch of Kinako the male talyxian-stalker.

Tumblr m16e62nsgx1rs8rd3o1 r1 1280

Colo the female t-stalker.

1314904215.mick39 ina

Ina the female t-stalker.


Cub Cracked, the female talyxian-stalker.

Colo cha



Cub Cracked, the female talyxian-stalker.


Adult Cracked, the female talyxian-stalker, black fur version.

1370162496.mick39 honto3

Honto, the male talyxian-stalker.

1360217804.mick39 rt1

A female talyxian-stalker.


Yuke the male talyxian-stalker.

1408868468.colo-hungry a

Yuke has nipples on chest.

1352839064.mick39 spore ref3

Spore the female talyxian-stalker.


Gohantaki the talyxian-stalker who has tiger-like or bear-like nature.


Shiori the female talyxian-stalker.

1331890942.mick39 talyxia for savi

Syu Macadamia, the female talyxian-stalker.

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