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Sergals in the Thekan that is Talyxian-Plants grassy plain or woods.

The plants which are made by Talyxians. Most of the plants such as forests in Tal are this. They are usually very strange unlike earth's, and don't have chlorophyl. Also most of them move like an animal. It has a danger to Eltus depending on a kind. Some of those produce strong miasma, mainly northern things especially.

This section is in preparation still. Please wait for more information!

Sample of Talyxian-Plants

"Magoe-th-eta" the Talyxian-Plants forest. img 13042014 192740

Luik the Western Sergal, he eats some wildlife near Talyxian-Plants.

1370162496.mick39 honto3

Honto the Talyxian-Stalker, in Talyxian-Plant forest. / Honto © Onigami

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