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Sidestories This article contains information classified under the "Sidestories" canon.

They don't really know why they are like they are, the only thing they know is something about a shadow of a creature in the past and the creature had some sort of connection related to them and the other Sergals. Maybe they were half-breed of both northern and southern or maybe they were mixed with something else in a anomalistic way? No one knew and no one could tell them the right answer. Their ancestors had never told much about their past or written it down somewhere. So they lived on the fact that they were sergals with a little abnormal look and senses.

Sylrathi Sergal Anonotomy


slightly longer than the northern & fluffy

Sylrathi sergals never have white or bright fur. They are normally always darker colors. Most commonly they are black on the topside of their fur and the bottom is more of a dark grey color, to a near-black color. Its a dominating gene that coarse dark fur is common.


A Sylrathi Sergal's ears are the same length as a Southern Sergal.


Thick and short as the northern Sergals are


They have a average heigth of 1,76 meter


To compensate for their diminished vision,do they have more sensitive hearing, compared to the northern and southern Sergal.

Eyes/Eye colors

Their sight aren't as good as other northern Sergals at the reason that they have always lived in caves and have never been needing a sight that was able to see at far distances

They have the same eye colors as other Sergals have (Grey-Blue) still the blue color are fairly often of dark blue color in the Sylrathi Tribe.

The Golden Eye

The golden eye as General Rain Silves and Halia'et Arkes have are unknown to the Sylrathi Tribe. They have never heard of it or seen it. Also the meaning of it is unknown to them.


Course of their halfbreed status have their kind shown some lesser fertile issues.


Sylrathi Sergals are all most omnivores . They eat wild life. Anything that comes a little close a humanoid or with an intelligence not like an animal, will they never consider as eatable material. they find it rather degrading to do so. They have nothing against eating plants or fruits.

Living Climate

Arctic cold mountain climate

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