Reono flag, means road of desert. Green is color of Eltus-Plants, means energy of their soul. Symbols on the flag represent are wagons or camels.


Vocal pronunciation of Reono in English, Spanish, and Japanese dialects.

Reono(レオノ) is an group that rule from East area to Middle area of planet Tal, also their areas are called as a "Reono area" or a "Reono land". Those areas are the main habitats of Eastern sergals and Eastern agudners. Reono areas reach a long road that is neighborhood of trade route from south (near arriving at Gold Ring) to east and middle areas. This commerce group deeply connects with the eastern distribution. Their areas have cultural civilization the same as South. Especially hunting culture developed most on the Tal.

This clan is composed of traders or local municipality constructed by mixed-breed Eastern sergals, and agudners. Many mixed-breed sergals in here has southern origin. Much influences such as the techniques that southern sergals cooperated with agudners for many years were brought here.

Although they are different things, Reono is close to South areas like Gold Ring vigilance committee.

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Important note 2: This article only has modern information. Old history and canon went to the "History of Vilous Development" article. In New Age canon, The group that correspond to southern's is changed to the Gold Ring vigilance committee. Spelling had been fixed as "Reono" from "Laono".

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Hunter Eastern sergal who hunts shellfishes.

Approx before 120 years of B.C.E., some of Southern sergals who moved for more resources settled down near an eastern mountain range. In same as them, some of Northern sergals who were stepping forward to the east areas met them. Then "Reono Clan" was formed as a base of a hunting and a trade while they were mixing together. Afterwards, the collaborative relationship of sergal and agudners extended to here from south since a mutual cooperation agreement was founded among them. As a result, Reono is composing of Eastern sergals who have southern origin and agudners mainly for now.


Pretty much the majority of citizens are comprised of Eastern sergals and agudners, both of them have southern origin. Also there are some Southern sergals who are immigrants or migrant workers. Nevreans may not exist totally due to language and distance of from their habitats. If nevreans exist, they are very few in number and are generally only workers and merchants who are travelling the eastern lands.


Apartment house

An apartment house of somewhere in east area. Can see the full version in Mick39's Patreon.

There are relatively developed civilization and technology like the South lands. It still don't reach to level the same as Gold Ring, but there are sharing some culture with Gold Ring such as books and fur-dyeing.

Reono sergals can use some verbal language due to a cohabitation with agudners, but their vocalizations are generally deeper and have rustic dialect like animal, also sometimes use cries the same as Northern sergals.

Technique and armies

Technique to get resources from creatures is most prosperous on the Tal. Many great hunters and superior technique for hunting are notable things of Reono. There is an association managing hunting and the market such as hunting club and the commercial and industrial partnerships. Sergals occupies the main of its staffs, therefore there are almost not injustice.

Reono's sergal armor is made from ceramic and was developed separately from the Southern armor because metal is not excavated in East. Over time, the ceramic armor became higher quality through a technique from the agudners. There are also many kinds of armor made out of materials from creatures just like the old Northern armor. However, all the designs of their armor changed suddenly before and after the World War.

They are not definitely armies such as the Shigu Clan, but they own something like Self-Defense Force. In the cases of the emergencies, people who belong to this will be gathered, and they will get a salary by it. Also sometimes there's a training for such cases.

Influence by World War

After the General Rain appeared, Reono was attacked by Shigu Clan and was brought under control. Much weapons, soldiers, people, resources, and technologies were plundered by Shigu. Agudners were treated as "technology slaves", and Eastern armor was revised for pure combat use. Thus Shigu's armors and weapons became more powerful by such people. The resulting armor design is now regarded as typical "Sergal armor" that is well known as Shigu's mainly.

After the world war, Shigu Kingdom collapsed since the year 40 in Rain-calendar, Reono will aim the revival with new Shigu, "Shigu Dukedom".

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