Vilouslogo This article contains information classified under the Old Age canon.

The Red Chapter, so far, is the only translated part of Mick's original World of Vilous novella.

The work is unfinished and describes Lucien Calcatto, who is thought to be a human from another world, meeting General Rain.

File:World of Vilous Red Chapter.pdf (Original)

Alternative version by Dragoic: Link

Rain Silves

Female Sergal

Supreme Commander of the Northern Sergal forces. Known for her combat prowess. She appears abnormally coldhearted, especially toward those of the opposing Reono clan. Her clansmen are extremely loyal, but they all hold a general fear of her.

Zyn Crotzwell

Male Talyxian

Zyn hails from an island to the north. Apparently he knew Rain when they were younger, and it seems their pasts are intertwined. He holds a relatively high position in the ranks of the Shigu clan. He plays a musical instrument every morning as the sun rises.


Female Sergal

A servant of General Rain. She is a sergal of a pure white, albino variety. She has the task of maintaining the appearance of the General, which includes the maintenance of her fur and armor. Her twin sister is Nelthilta.


Female Sergal

A servant of General Rain. As she is Havika’s twin, she is also a pure white albino. The sisters serve General Rain only. She is named after a rabbit from Watership Down.


Male Sergal

He is the squad leader of the Sentinels 6th Squadron. Although he is an excellent fighter, he is rather disorderly and can often be found causing trouble in public while off-duty. One of his hobbies is “grooming” the female soldiers.


Male Sergal

Squad leader of the Sentinels 5th Squadron. Extremely focused on rigorous training and hard discipline, he is often at odds with Lieric, who is his subordinate.

Kana Lynard

Female Sergal

A communications soldier. She appears to have a romantic relationship with Lieric.

Lucien Calcatto

Gray haired humanoid of unknown species

The strange youth from the “outside world.” He is liked by General Rain, and joins the Shigu clan. He has a bag where he keeps his valuable possessions, along with a sword and a strange instrument which seems to create thunder (probably a gun). [Note: This appears to be an electrolaser.]

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