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Quu-Taro Kanmuri(冠窮太朗) for real name, or Quu(きゅーちゃん) for nickname is male Nevrean character from the New Age.

Newcanon This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.
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Quu by Mick

The male Nevrean such as a canary. He is old friend of Yung Yagili.

He has glittery lemon yellow feather with white curly hair and a small build.
He is very fond of standing out, his definite aim is to make a person laugh.
But he does it to camouflage his very conspicuous appearance, he is ordinary boy in fact.

The relation with Yung is a friend and is an accomplice.
Originally he is a urban Nevrean in city.
But he was praised to the skies as for his beauty, and he was treated as prince-like existence.
And now, he is recognized as a Judda. And is treated as a symbol or signboard of the some area in Gold Ring city.

However, actually, he wishes he lives ordinary and freewheeling life with the appearance which is not conspicuous.
He talks with Yung about a complaint of each life mainly.
He does not meet her at the place with much public eye.
He wears poor-looking clothes not to attract attention when he meet her. And he talk about a complaint in a ZUvo Restaurant.

He is a smooth talker, he is good at saying that put a person out of temper.
He remain cool even if he is punched by his that act. But he do not seem to be able to do it for fear of what is ignored recently.

When he sets foot in the slums, he often gets lost. Times like those, Yung shows caring one side and she is leading him by the hand.

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