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Female Nevrean robber who belong to Out Ring.

Out Ring(アウトリング) is the bandits' organization that are mostly composed of Female Nevreans who have fallen out of regular society for various reasons. Member of male nevreans are very few.

In old days, its name was used as showing the desert people that are not belonging to Gold Ring, are doing primitive poor lifestyle including robbing. Since year 40 in Rain-Calendar after World War, many urban female nevreans who're unable to find employment by postwar rapid civilization innovation, formed this as bandits' organization while include those people. Their threat is proportional to the increase of male nevrean prostitutes in urban areas.

Main article for common features of all Nevreans


Female nevrean members of this might be unable to find honest work, sexually deviant or simply rebellious. They have tarnished the original peaceful reputation of the nevreans and led to prejudice from other races, and are especially disliked by Native nevreans. They inspire fear for their cunning, bloodthirsty and malicious nature. They generally cover their faces with masks or goggles.

Female nevreans of this are representative example as "corrupted female", all of awareness of nevrean culture try to evade it as worst situation.

Additionally, some outlaw groups may operate like a religious cult, brainwashing vulnerable youths to serve as combatants in their ranks.

Most of factors of female nevrean members were caused of lacking their male nevreans, and such females have the fear against male nevreans by various reasons. Especially as for Judda of central area of Gold Ring, they can't invade to there due to the fear for Judda. Also there are many influence that Judda have, as reasons of it.

Constituent members

Due to primary constituent members who are only female nevreans, they have vibes like the pack of female prisoners. They form groups for one's advantage between them, without friendship. They often mistrust one another, fight over the spoils and bully or sexually torment more fragile members of their group.

Case of male nevrean members

Male nevreans are generally unwelcome in their group by some reason, though there are exceptions. However, male nevrean members maybe show a muted or dull color scheme like that of females, and behave like females.


This section is in preparation still.

Situation at present day

This section is in preparation still.

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