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The festival in northwest, Western sergals and native nevreans.

Nevrea(ネヴリャン) is the land located on the west of planet Tal, and is the homeland of Nevreans. There are only Nevreans as Eltus habitater, but there were some sergals that corresponds to Western sergals in northwest area.

Most of this area is taken up by the Nev mountains(ネヴ山脈) that the nevreans see as their home.

This area is not urbanized, and nevreans living in this land have very unique culture that is fairly different from that of the other Eltus races. This land is national seclusion-like exclusive place, have maintained civilization of their own for a long time, most of them did not know a foreign country and other races at all. They never acculturate, never do intercultural exchanges with other country, and will be keeping their culture as unalloyed condition until the time of the end of planet Tal.

They are continuing living in only nevreans for a long time, but people who were living in northwest area had the interchange with Western sergals until Shigu army invaded the western lands. Some nevreans who were close to sergals took refuge in the southern lands with a few Western sergal survivors after the genocide in western lands by Shigu, approx the year 28 in Rain-Calendar. Afterwards, such refugees led to Urban nevreans.

Main article for common features of all Nevreans

Native nevreans

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Native Nevreans. Female is playing musical instrument, and male dancer.

They pursue a traditional lifestyle hunting with bow and arrow and gathering nuts, and follow a unique culture of song, dance, and males' gay romance. They occasionally find themselves in conflict with huge primitive creatures, and can drive away them. Their isolated culture means they rarely use the official language of planet Tal.

They have their own language, even though their usage of proper words is unclear. It it is most likely based on their version of poetry and music. They don't have the culture to write text on the paper as a sentences, so there is no lyrics and musical score. And they are hardly able to use Tal's official language.

They convey all of information by speech. The combination of colors of the feather and the pattern of the dance have a some meaning. However, there is no culture to write it on the paper as a sentences. Nonetheless, they perfectly understand each other, and pass on knowledge and culture through oral traditions just like Earth's Ainu or Aboriginals would.

Their sexual culture are kept as clean and chaste thing due to their culture sense; male nevreans' beauty is holy, absolutely clean existence. They never act vulgar, gross, low behavior. Their sexual intercourse is for reproduction only, and native males don't have an external penis in any way. (Copulation is possible even if the male does not use the penis as their mating is similar to the intercourse of modern birds from earth.)



Native Nevreans.

Females have come to value the males socially, and not just as partners. They consider their ability to fly, the glitter of their wings to be a virtue, and liberal life. Particularly beautiful males are known as "Judda", Judda males never marry anyone and the entire native nevreans takes a protective view of them. Males' beauty is considered immortal, their soul undergoing a glittering transformation and revival upon their death.

Various songs, a musical, and an opera by a singer, a dancer, and an actor of beautiful males are main entertainment in Netives. But they don't have a lyrics and musical score due to text being almost non-existant in the Nevrea land. They convey all of information by speech. The combination of colors of the feather and the pattern of the dance have a some meaning. However, there is no culture to write it on the paper as a sentences.

Native females


Female Native Nevrean who just became an adult

Native Nevreans follow a specific ceremony marking the females’ transition into adulthood. Learning that they will be unable to fly in future, their wings are cut as a rite of passage. The females learn the use of weapons, particularly the bow and arrow, and about their culture of music. Feathers cut during the coming of age ceremony are used to fashion an arrow that will be of special significance to the newly adult Nevrean.

Basically they have low natural voice. Because females think that to talk in carrying/loud voice is shameful and is easy to be aimed by enemies, they are taciturn conventionally. Their speech is reply mainly, they don't say anything if they are not talked by other person. A female who talk to anyone without important message, is considered as rude female.

This article is in preparation still.

Native males


Male Native Nevrean

All males learn a song, males sing and talk by very high-pitched falsetto, and talk to anyone one-sidedly due to their talkative nature.

This article is in preparation still.

Sexuality and males gay romance

They separate about love to "romance" and "sex/procreation" clearly unlike human's culture.
Generally "romance" is role for males, and "sex/procreation" is role for females.
In brief, males can do any romance, but females cannot do freely romantic love.

Homosexuality is not considered a taboo as this is considered forgivable due to the general beauty of the males, though there is some reluctance towards lesbian behavior in females. In the first place, they don't consider it as homosexuality.
Male's gay romance is close to their opera's contents, and it is premised that they act it at a public place. But, it never have sexual intercourse at any place. This implies that there is no homosexual sex between gay nevreans in natives.

Procreation and sexual intercourse are a work for females completely. Only the male and female who became the pair act it in the non-public place.

The thing which expressed the males' gay romance in contents of a song and the opera exists traditionally.
Females watch and enjoy it as a substitute that females can't act freely romantic love.

In Natives culture, the "romance" and the "sex/procreation" are close to "socially role", especially females are recognized as the full-fledged culture member when they have pair. Married females empathize one's husband as "avatar" of herself, and will enjoy an opera.
And generally most of males given a heavy meaningful role in an opera are married. (Exclude Judda males.)

In the case of a lesbian, it isn't treated as same as gay by various reasons.

Their sexual culture are kept as clean and chaste-like thing. They never act vulgar, gross, low behavior that include porn mainly.

Religion and law

Military leader females and Judda males are cast as religious leaders and icons respectively.

The native Nevreans' traditional lifestyle is considered a form of law. Those who deviate from cultural norms are vilified by most. Especially they evade robbers, consider them as example of double-dyed villain. They have little awareness of the existence of Gold Ring or those nevreans who choose to live there.

Great chorus

Music and song are considered the foundation of their culture, during these performances, the males will traditionally provide the melody with their high pitched instrumentation and voice, while females will set the rhythm with their lower pitched voices and percussion performed with their beaks. When a soprano is not enough, they add the musical instrument such as the flute and substitute it.

After the attack by General Rain

Due to the fact that the Shigu Clan was lead by the General Rain and that she had shown very low interest in Nevreans for some reason, most of them have been safe from attacks of said clan; some skirmishes did happen but the Nev Mountains did not get invaded and remained in the hands of its original inhabitants. Though, after Rain's attack, all alliances of Natives and Western Sergals completely disappeared.

Some Nevreans who were close to Sergals took refuge in the southern lands with a few Western Sergal survivors. They are the first Nevreans whom they visited to Gold Ring. Therefore they will become Urban Nevreans afterwards.

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