Her current fursona, Cracked the female Talyxian-Stalker.

Pen name:

Mick39, BNanami, Trancy Mick, Mick ono, ミック(Mick), ベルクート(Berkut), もこだロボ(Mokoda Robo), 紫綿菓子(PurpleCottonCandy) etc...




December 31, 1986


Science fiction, Fantasy, Hard sci-fi, Science fantasy, Electronica

Favorite artists and works:

Tanaka Isson, Jean Giraud, Akira Toriyama, Susumu Hirasawa, Watership Down, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask, Star Wars, Fantasia, Knights of Sidonia, Neon Genesis Evangelion etc...

Closed Friend:


Mick39 is Japanese artist from the Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan and the original creator of Vilous, responsible for Sergals, Nevreans and all the other races along with many of the world's most famous characters, including Yun-Yung, Jakk, and The Brutal General, Rain Silves.
Mick39 was thought of as a man from many people, but in fact Mick39 is a woman.
Her name was known for "trancy MICK" in old times, and she is known as "ミック" or "ベルクート" in Japan.

Mick's Patreon
It is working on details of New Age Vilous. Patrons can get the latest Vilous sketch and setting drafts and some doodle immediately by support.

Mick's FurAffinity Page
Most active page now.

DeviantArt Page
Music Page

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