Part of the Magoe-th-eta, Talyxian-Plants can also be seen.

Magoe-th-eta(マゴイシタ) is a forest that corresponded to talyxian-plants located on the southeast of Tal. There's small shrine for shamans, but pilgrimage to here have high risk due to many dangerous wildlives and so on.

A record of one explorer

In the afternoon. The sunlight pours down to the red trees, the bark of trees show the clear pink shining through branches of trees.

Mucilaginous "blood-river" that is flowing slowly looks like wriggling, the strange texture sands are like the yellowish clay, and the rainbow leaves... All of those that have dazzling light, and may rob my sanity even through this "Sentience Filter".

Although here is dangerous and heterogeneous talyxian-plants area, but i feel something of nostalgic memories in the depths of my heart, and i hold the cautiousness while i don't know what to do.

The guide of "quad-fellow" is sitting on one place since a little while ago. It means that this is still safety zone, so i'm going to try observing in somewhere around here at this opportunity.

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