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Quu the Male Nevrean, He is treated as Judda in Gold Ring.

Judda(ジュダ juda) is the name of general idea or kind of the trait/form. Therefore it is sometimes called "Judda form". Its basic concept is "Deviant beautiful and absolutely valuable existence". If make a metaphor figuratively, "The Gold Grain that never changes its shape". It is said that the existence of precious "Green Plants" in Tal, and a name of "Gold Ring" affect origins of Judda.

When it is used in civilization of Tal routinely, "Judda" is the nature that Eltus race has potentially. When they use it for an individual, they point to the specific form including a deviant beautiful person. Basically, Judda's concept is completely different from the attraction for copulation of each species as "Judda" don't mean adjective for sexual charm like "Sexy" and so on. Its nuance includes concept that is similar to "holy" if anything. In current determined canon, it is used among Nevrea and Gold Ring city. It is not sure which it came from wherever or just coincidence. There's some different concepts between Nevrea and Gold Ring. It is an object of faith in Nevrea, but it is similar to idolatry in Gold Ring.

If someone plunder or injure Judda, it will be treated as heavy crime.

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Standards of Judda

General conditions of person to be chosen as a Judda;

  • A whole is close to regular streamline.
  • Color is gold, or rich green, or silver, or sand color, etc...
  • Build is not too big.
  • Fur is dense and regulated well.
  • Youthful like a child.
  • Have a beautiful luster.

and others.
But it is recognized by the tacit knowledge by the sense of each culture. Therefore the clear standard for it is not established. Also about the color, there is a recognition difference according to each civilization. But generally, "gold" and "beautiful green like plants with chlorophyll" are acknowledged as "colors of absolutely valuable things", due to "Green plants" that are furiously precious existences in Tal.

Judda in Gold Ring

In Gold Ring, Judda is the symbol of the city, and is the kind of the official position. Current generation is Quu. Probably it will be changed in a fixed period of time. The person chosen as a Judda is treated as President-like or Emperor-like existence. But it is just as "symbol of city", also similar to idol. They don't have the special government and authority. In addition, it is not lineage.

After the world war since the year 40 in Rain-calendar, people took up a Judda concept concretely due to influence by the existence of a beautiful Western sergal survivors. They held it for purpose that don't forget the tragedy of war. But there's no strict definition, people keep it for fun if anything.

Male nevreans to be chosen most frequently, sometimes sergals and agudners are chosen. Thanks to them, robbers can't go near the center street of Gold Ring where a noble and the bureaucrat live in because robbers fear Judda. For a reason, is thought that it have various influences.

Judda in other areas

The sense called "Judda" has the long history. It is a common sense in the whole planet Tal across all race. Even in the area where there is not the word "Judda", there are not big differences of the culture recognition. As a matter of course talyxians also have similar sense to it. And even primitive creatures may recognize it.

In Nevrea land that is homeland of nevreans, gender role of males had done evolution including Judda form. Therefore the role of Judda in Nevrea is slightly different from Gold Ring.

Miscellaneous Judda knowledge

In Northern sergals, there are many ones that have Judda form. Especially Leeric is representative example of those, but he suffers a loss for his personality.

That aside, General Rain willingly aims at a boys who have Judda form due to her lust for beautiful things. Moreover, Judda ones are attractive for a man-eater talyxians also.

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