This article describes common ingredients of Tal.

Shellfish ingredients


Mr. Yaji preparing his dinner, and Cracked waiting and seeing it.


Civilized sergal's eating dish composed of various ingredients.

People use the meats and milk-like liquids of Tal's shellfish creatures as common ingredients. In areas that depend on hunting, people hunt feral species of those things.

Most of the shellfish creatures have tough but tasty meat. The "shellfish steak" is a common, popular dish.

Talyxian ingredients

Though many people consider Talyxian creatures to be inedible, many are not. A common folk rumor is that Talyxian meat is too tough and tastes bad. In contrast to this, several commonly eaten species like dondokos are in fact staple foods, eaten all over Tal. Difficulty in classifying Tal's biology contributes to this contradiction.

Eltus ingredients


Seaweed laver that grows on the rock of the coast of the ColVilous salt lake.

Any ingredients found naturally in the Eltus biome are considered the highest grade foods for Eltus people. Among other things, algae, seaweed, and fish are farmed in ColVilous Salt Lake.

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