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Halia'et Arkes
Halia'et Red Dance's Beginning
Halia'et looking on his latest kill




Northern Sergal


Arkes Tribe, Clan Shigu





Sidestories This article contains information classified under the "Sidestories" canon.

Halia’et is a lone executioner and assassin of the Northern Sergal Clan Shigu under General Rain Silves’s direct control.

Halia’et was recruited by Rain to fight for Clan Shigu after his tribe, the Arkes Tribe, was wiped out. The Arkes tribe lived in the north-western mountains. The clan was relatively popular among nearby tribes and even Clan Shigu for their purified ore and weaponsmiths, which made Clan Sigu want to assimilate it. When the tribe adamantly refused like some others, they were crushed under the might of the Shigu military, leaving Halia’et the only survivor.

Integrated in the Shigu forces, he got a reputation of being a cold and merciless killer.


The Physique

Halia’et is known for several features in his outward appearance. Years of malnutrition when he was younger has made him a small and lanky sergal. With the size of 1,62m and weight of 60kg Halia’et seems to be more like like a southern sergal or at least a mixed-breed than a pure northern. Halia’et isn’t very strong, but he is fast and has very good stamina.

His eyes and eye patch

Perhaps the most important feature is Halia’et’s eye and his eye patch. While his left eye has a normal grey undertone with some blue-green hue in it, his right eye shows the same golden colour Rain’s eyes have. Normally Halia’et wears the eye patch to hide this eye in order to be seen as a normal northern sergal.

His Collar

Halia’et wears a metal collar, not meant to protect his neck but to show his loyalty to General Rain by having “Shigu” being engraved into it. The collar’s message could be seen as saying: “Don’t worry about the past, this head belongs to Shigu, now!”


Halia’et’s fur isn’t special. His underside is coloured white while his topside is coloured in a light grey. His head pattern shows some remarkable features like the “jagged” pattern on his muzzle and around his eye or the lighter “ear lobes.”

Trinkets and bandages: Normally Halia’et is also wearing some ear rings, bangles and bandages. At first sight this wouldn’t seem to be good for someone who’s trying to kill without noise. These are simply for deception, so that nobody would think of him as being an assassin. Often, smaller weapons are hidden under his bandages.

His Weapon

Last but not least Halia’et is known for his strange weapon. It appears to be a mix of a scythe and a halberd and is a very impractical weapon for an assassin. But, for doing executions and making the subject feel fear, the weapon does its job well. The weapon is difficult to use but efficient when mastered.

His particular weapon is a family heirloom of Halia’et’s former clan. After killing off the Arkes Rain Silves gave him the weapon as a sign of inferiority and as a constant paradigm what will happen to every enemy.

His Psyche

Halia’et is nearly always in a calm and tired mood. His eyes rarely show aggression or anger but sadness and apathy. Halia’et appears to be rotten inside because he blames himself for his family’s death and the murder of so many innocents. It can be said Halia’et escaped into a corner of his mind in order to make him feel weak-willed or already dead in order to serve his new master General Rain the best way he could. While this sounds a bit selfless he “uses” the General as a hold point of life. By far, Halia’et’s greatest problem is his believing in his guilt and in an unchangeable future/destiny, which is one reason why he avoids contact with sergals other than the General, another reason being that he has poor social skills because of his long exile. Like most sergals, he is illiterate.


Ever since he was born, a shadow has been over Halia’et’s life. When everyone of his original family found out about his right and golden eye they saw in Halia’et a cursed one (like in every sergal society). Halia’et had to learn to live an isolated life because other children were told not to play with him and even his family held a noticeable distance from him.

In this time many accidents happened that finally cumulated in a disaster that led to poor Halia’et’s exile. A long and arid period followed by a thunderstorm caused a catastrophe where masses of water and mud washed down from the mountains. Little Halia’et found himself in life-threatening danger when a large mudslide ripped apart part of the clans temporary village. Halia’et’s father bravely managed to rescue him but was hit by a falling boulder and killed. Rumors went through the crowd of survivors, while Halia’et cried by his dead father’s side. This was enough for the tribe. This accident was the final evidence for them to take the initiative. The idea was to take off the evil curse from Halia’et and from the clan. One older female clan mate pulled out a dagger while the other made a narrow circle around kneeling Halia’et and his dead father. Another sergal grabbed Halia’et and pushed him down to the muddy ground. He saw the sharp edge coming closer until he got panicked and struggled himself free in the only direction he could move – daggers direction. This was the moment where he got his scar. He ran off to the descent the mud avalanche had made and saw down into a bawling river of brown dirt. In fear he turned around, looking up an approaching wall of sergals. There was no way out and suddenly the ground under his feet began to move downwards. Halia’et fell down and nobody really tried to save him after he disappeared under the struggling mud. The Arkes took this as a divine sign, for an end.

Halia’et was age four when this happened and he managed to survive. After he returned to consciousness he was on his own. He couldn’t ever return to his tribe, so he began a a new life as “ghost of the Arkes”. He hid from his own family but never lost complete contact from them. Halia’et survived four hard years in the mountainous desert until he found many tracks leading to his clan. Shocked, Halia’et ran to warn the Arkes-clan, but he came too late. An enemy force had already attacked his clan. Although many of the enemies and the Arkes were killed and lied motionless, he did not hesitate and picked up a bloody, recently used spear. Then Halia’et began to fight for his own family. It was futile. More and more of the Arkes fell. Beneath burning shelters Halia’et, injured in many places, stands ready for his final opponents. A loud and strong voice broke through the tense silence, and none other than General Rain appeared. The last of the Arkes should be her opponent, her victim, she said. She charged at him and with his last ounce of strength Halia’et lifted his spear, but after one swift move from the general and Halia’et was disarmed and on his knees. General Rain Silves raised her sword to decapitate him but at the very last moment before she swung, she noticed Halia’et’s one golden eye and turned her dangerous blade to the side, knocking him unconscious with the flat part of the blade rather than the edge. Halia’et awakened a few days later in a large, dark building, as he was roughly grabbed and pulled to his feet before being led into a large hall with a throne in its centre. General Rain Silves was sitting there and Halia’et’s life as a member of Clan Shigu began…


Halia’et Arkes is pronounced [ha|li|æt ɐr|kɛs].

Halia’et means “the fading haze” and is implying something negative.

Arkes is a developed form of Arkues, which is pronounced [ɐr|qʊɛʃə], and means “from green river”. It’s a river in the north-western mountains which get his special colour from tobernite and represents a holy object for the Arkes.


The song that could be considered Halia’et’s theme song is “Nothing and everything” from RED.

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