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Somewhere of Gold Ring, Here, all kind of Eltus race can be seen, sergals, nevreans(both of two are females), and agudners. Also some talyxians.

Gold Ring(ゴールドリング) is a city on the gulf coast of ColVilous salt lake, and is by far the largest city on the Tal. Currently the city is shaped of crescent moon and seems to aim at completely covering the outskirts of the ColVilous salt lake to show whole as its name of "Gold Ring", in the future. This great city is also known as "the golden metropolis".

Citizens include all kinds of sentient races on planet Tal. Primarily the citizens are Sergals and Agudners, the Southern species being natives here. Although nevreans live here as well, they are few in number as they were originally arrived as emigrants.

A lot of people live a comfortable life, but the degree varies according to a place and race. There is no danger of dangerous wild creatures because there is not terrible wildlife in city and no nearby forests. The biggest problems in the city are crimes and problems that are caused by people.

State of the life of here can be seen at The comics series of Vilous daily life in Gold Ring.

Newcanon This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.


Major buildings are made from the huge monoliths which exists from old days, people hollow out them and have kept those as old buildings since a long time ago. Also there are newer divisions that were built in the early modern times.

Mysterious cylindrical tall buildings can also be seen in west coast. Anything about those are unknown, and there are no windows and entrance. In modern times, most of those are modified by people, and are used as housing. Also some shellfish creatures have settled in some of those.

2016/11/14 The canon was changed: this building became the things of the far south of Tal instead of Gold Ring's.



Easy sketch of Gold Ring map, water system, and so on.

In the central-most area, there are government facilities, government offices, and old temples that were made from ancient monoliths. There are also areas where nobles, bureaucrats, and the Judda live. Specifically, Judda lives in temples. In the opposite side of temples, there are dungeons and prisons for felons.

Buldings closer to the center are older than those further out, the oldest having existed since the founding of the city. Most of those have sublime appearances although they are old buildings.

People must pass through resident registration if they do business or live in central area. It is not as strict on the outer edges as everyone can build house and do business freely.



Eltus races of the police of GR city. Agudner, Female Nevrean, Southern Sergal.

The majority of citizens are comprised of Southern sergals, Eastern sergals, and agudners. There are fewer Nevreans than them and they are still treated as foreign residents due to their newer history as citizens of Gold Ring.

After the world war but before the year 70 in Rain-Calendar, most of nevreans experienced racial discrimination for various reasons. See also: Urban Nevreans
Racial treatment for nevreans was very unfair, merciless, and direful for a long time. Even their life was downplayed and they were often sacrificed in "Vore shows" (discussed later). This would ease gradually over time and eventually a new law had come into existence giving them fair 'human rights'.

Nobles who are living in central areas are comprised of sergals and agudenrs primarily, keeping their races pure with strong bloodlines since the beginning of Gold Ring. The aristocratic sergals of central area are only pure southern sergals, and have kept their traditional brown fur and extremely small build due to continuing a inbreeding and incest among aristocratic families.

Society and culture


There is the religion named "Gold Ring", same as the city's name. The concept is based on the relationship and history of Southern sergals and agudners. It brings together and organizes the community.


1442415549.mick39 dragonsergalcm

Male rich sergal "Bran" and his male servant, "Gitana" the male nevrean.

There are various sexual preferences among the people due to wide races. Some nevreans are 'kept' by rich people.

Due to their history and relationship, it is very common for there to be joint-families that are comprised of sergals and agunders. See Also: Southern Sergals and Agudners

Also Eltus races can't reproduce between different races, because of this, a homosexual relationship between sergals and agudenrs are not treated as homosexual.


In the old days before Nevreans come over to Gold Ring, people enjoyed familiar pastimes. Children were mainly playing marbles, tiddlywinks, hop scotch and so on. Adults were enjoying sexual flirtations, and gamble-like games. It was exciting to hear the travel stories from merchants. When primitive creatures appeared to city sometimes, people went to see it for fun.

Nevreans come over to Gold Ring on year 28 of Rain-Calendar, and after the world war ended in year 50, influence of the male nevreans led to a major shift in the everyday entertainment of whole of city. A lot of showy, rabid, rampant entertainments increased explosively, such as floor shows, cabarets, and brothels. Also lust for pornography and violence developed among the people. A lot of bloody shows were held in the markets and in places near the salt lake for bigger events: the dismantling of creatures that had been brought in from the forest and the watching fights between them. Along with these, there are many other, strange entertainments.

A while after the world war, "Vore shows" were held in underground theaters due to influence of General Rain. It was performed by sergals, nevreans, and talyxian-stalkers mainly. Generally, most of the events for it were various creatures such as from pigeons to cows being consumed. For more illegal places however, even Eltus races were sacrificed. In these cases, most of the victims were nevreans, due to the 'discrimination against nevreans' that continuing until after year 70 of Rain-calendar. Most of these were not clamped down on until 'human rights' for nevreans were guaranteed by law definitely.



Basic laws were guaranteed for only sergals and agudners until year 70 of the Rain-Calendar, because they are native citizens of Gold Ring. Nevreans were treated as foreign residents, and they were not having complete 'human rights'. Because of this, much of them were bought, put in lower class, and treated in an inhumane manner. After year 70 of the Rain-calendar, new law guaranteed the definite 'human rights' for nevreans, and treated them as "the third race of Gold Ring". In addition, talyxian-stalkers also have same rights as an intelligent race. (Rooters are the exception to this and are inapplicable, because they are in an extraordinary special position.)

The political system is a representative system by the nobles, sometime getting opinions from talyxian-rooters. There is not the head of state or president in Gold Ring. (There is the Judda, but they are more of a symbol and do not participate in politics.) Talyxian-Rooters can't participate in politics directly. There is a law among them that Talyxian-rooters must not have to participate in Eltus' politics directly and can only send opinions when Eltus people need their opinion.

This organized administration developed suddenly after the world war. Before world war, it consisted of a considerably old and relaxed system. Seeing from the whole land, the welfare or the study are superior. But, it almost depend on mutual help action for it, so it is hard to say that it is established.

Legal issues

Murder, theft, and rape are prohibited by law indefinitely. However, all of theft and rape are not clamped down on because these cases can occur very frequently. If someone is detained and convicted, they receive punishment depending on the crime. In the dangerous areas, a careless person may be treated as the wrong one instead of the offenders. There are also often cases where things are justified through battle (trial by combat).

Eltus race people usually have a resident register and a domiciliary register. Because of this, they will suffer a suitable penalty when they receive retribution or punishment by law. It doesn't apply to ones who have no such register, but such individuals have no right such as receiving vindication instead of it.

Gold Ring vigilance committee


Gold Ring vigilance committee flag

The vigilance committee rules a wide range of South lands (Gold Ring city, the neighboring municipalities, surrounding rural areas, and small towns). It has both roles of the police and the armies.

They are not definite armies such as the Shigu Clan, but they own something like Japan's Self-Defense Force. In the event an emergency, people who belong to this will be gathered and receive a salary for their service. Also sometimes there's a training for such cases.


1347804770.mick39 r

Somewhere in main street, "Quzue" and "Priley" the male nevrean merchants draw their sale cart.

1370006660.mick39 1370005945.solidgrain.lab お祭り

The festival. There are all of Eltus race people there. Sergals, nevreans, and agudners.

1443694829.mick39 6f

Sergal soldiers are slaying the tentacle creatures which attacked the city. Note: The nevrean couple is male(left) and female(right).

RJ143788 img smp1

Chatting urban male nevreans from sample of Vilous Official Art-pack#1


Urban nevreans. Female enjoys an email by portable fax, and male talk to from a window.


Rich Southern sergal is enjoying dinner.(Dislayed from the Vilous Official Art-pack#1.)

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