Dr Taki-Acle. Developer of neuro-signal-transporter device named "Jellyfish". He lived in the distant past, during the time humans (the original Eltus race) existed.

The Enoca (エノカ Enoca) are an alien race, living tribally on Tal.

New Age

Newcanon This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.

Enoca have an amorphous appearance similar to Talyxians. The appearance of many Enoka is vaguely reminiscent of aquatic creatures, though they do not all look alike. They existed on Tal long before the Eltus races were first observed.

The Enoca are space-travelling traders, and do business primarily with Talyxian-rooters, but a small number of them travel and live in Gold Ring. Since the Eltus races are not aware of interplanetary travel, they do not consider the Enoca to be aliens, but nonetheless, the Enoca living in this manner are disguised as members of the Eltus races. Little is known about why they mingle with the Eltus races in this way, or why they disguise themselves (though they are thought to possess some unknown purpose). The existence of the Enoca is somehow related to, but opposite of, that of the Talyxians.

The disguises of concealed Enoca are generally imperfect, and close comparison between a genuine Eltus person and a disguised Enoca will reveal strange and unusual physical characteristics.

Old Age


Toya, a female enoca in Old Age. She is merchant, and two males.

Vilouslogo This article contains information classified under the Old Age canon.

An aquatic race that comes in three varieties, one suited for the deep ocean, one suited for less-deep ocean, and a last kind that is more amphibious, living in shallow waters, beaches and shoals. This last kind is the only one the other races of Vilous have contact with, so this article is about them.

The Enoca live on the coast of Vilous, world-renowned traders of goods and information. They probably have the most contact with other races, and are on good terms with generally all of them, but their loyalties and friendships are usually only as deep as their companions’ pockets. They are known for heavy flattery when they want something, putting up a rather pleasant façade when making a deal. Clan Shigu considers them allies because of this, but the enoca don’t truly return the sentiment at all.

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