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Dr Taki-Acle. Developer of neuro-signal-transporter series named "Jellyfish". He is from old time that human (Original Eltus race) exist.

Enoca(エノカ Enoca) are just Alien race.

New Age

Newcanon This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.

An alien race having an amorphous appearance such as Talyxians. Probably some of them have the appearance such as the aquatic creature.
At least, some of them existed long before modern Eltus race (Sergal, Nevrean, Aguder) is born.
Enoca is existence that is opposite to Talyxians.

Most of them are world-renowned traders, and they make a deal with only a Talyxian-rooters.
Eltus rases don't know travel between worlds, and they don't know even the alien either. So they don't know Enocas are alien.

They can turn themself into a Eltus race, and some of them are living in Tal while are hiding their true form. Such Enoca are a few member, and they have some specific purpose for it. Eltus person who Enoca turns themself into Eltus race has some strange characteristic when compare 'genuine' Eltus people with that 'fake' Eltus person, all by means.

Old Age


Toya, a female enoca in Old Age. She is merchant, and two males.

Vilouslogo This article contains information classified under the Old Age canon.

An aquatic race that comes in three varieties, one suited for the deep ocean, one suited for less-deep ocean, and a last kind that is more amphibious, living in shallow waters, beaches and shoals. This last kind is the only one the other races of Vilous have contact with, so this article is about them.

The Enoca live on the coast of Vilous, world-renowned traders of goods and information. They probably have the most contact with other races, and are on good terms with generally all of them, but their loyalties and friendships are usually only as deep as their companions’ pockets. They are known for heavy flattery when they want something, putting up a rather pleasant façade when making a deal. Clan Shigu considers them allies because of this, but the enoca don’t truly return the sentiment at all.

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