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Eltus people who carry the Eltus plant while enclose it in a protection capsule

Eltus people who carry the Eltus-Plant while enclose it in a protection capsule. Can see the full version in Mick39's Patreon.

Eltus biome(エルタス植生, also the plants from this called just "Green Plants") are the colony of Eltus creatures. They have chlorophyll the same as Earth's plants. Have an origin of from the planet Eltus the same as Eltus race.

There is very few on a whole of Tal, and are easily eroded by Talyxian-Plants. All Eltus race people treasure it, and try to protect it from Talyxian-Plants' erosion. Value of its seeds correspond to the gold grain. Therefore people sometimes use those as atrociously expensive coin, but there are many fake also due to its value.

This existences affect origins of concepts of the Judda. Thus in Tal, "green" is treated as valuable color the same as gold or silver.

The very few habitats of those are Lyvank Mountains and Gold Ring. Lyvank Mountains has some of those in alpine plants areas. There are the "Eltus-Plants gardens" on central areas of Gold Ring. Both of them are receiving good care very much by Eltus people. As for those of Lyvank Mountains, Eastern people did much of furious efforts to protect those from year 16 until year 28 in Rain-Calendar.

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