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Current reference of Cracked.

Cracked (ワレモノ warémono) is the name of a Talyxian-Stalker character in the New Age. She is Colo's mother and Mick39's current fursona.


Newcanon This article contains information classified under the New Age canon.
1388063620.colo-hungry 3
Adult Cracked




Talyxian Stalker




New Age



Cracked had black fur on her whole of body in her previous, obsolete design. Her decided natural color is currently purple for now. Her muzzle, legs, and tailtip are deeper purple. Her single eye is bluish-violet colored, but it is usually covered up with hair. There's a poisonous sting in the tip of her tongue. She has antenna-like whiskers, like those of an insect, on her cheekbones.

As a cub, Cracked had a quiet and timid personality. Since growing to adulthood, her behavior worsened, becoming very nasty, spiteful, and stubborn. In addition, she has very abnormal sexual desires.

As an adult, Cracked often takes to eat many Eltus people regardless of race and gender, preferentially targetting children. Because the most nourishing diet for T-Stalkers is fresh raw meat, her fur always keeps its good quality.

Cub Cracked named "Mowamowa"


Cub Cracked, her nickname is "Mowamowa".

As a cub, she appears in The comics series of Vilous daily life in Gold Ring. She was picked up by Mr. Yaji, the eastern sergal. and lived together with him. She was quiet and taciturn, but was good at hunting mice and harmful insects and such. When excited, she cried "Kffff".

She was often bullied by sergal children, and was forced into mating by male talyxian-stalkers. But she lived a peaceful life after she was helped by Mr. Yaji.

Her nickname is "Mowamowa (モワモワ, mean "fluff")" or "Purple Cotton Candy (紫綿菓子 murasaki-watagashi)".


Adult Cracked

1390394256.colo-hungry べろ2

Cracked's tongue with poison-sting.

1388038109.colo-hungry lime

Cracked aims at the Lime Ade, male Nevrean.

1416221956.mick39 pyxaron

Cracked threatens the Pyxaron. :Note: Pyxaron is not Vilous character.

Cub Cracked(Mowamowa)


Cub cracked, nickname is "Mowamowa".


Purple Cotton Candy eats primitive creature.


Purple Cotton Candy asks whether you eat bug's egg. answer is "No thank you!"

Obsolete design


Cracked in obsolete design.

1377512129.mick39 furue eat

Cracked eats Furue the female Nevrean.

1405590166.colo-hungry dj cm m

Cracked takes the Tohtli. :Note: Tohtli is not Vilous character.

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