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The Chiral Sisters
The twins flat fullres detail
Niox and Freel Chiral




Northern Sergal






En Den

800px-Noncanon This article contains information classified under non-canon.

Freel and Niox Chiral are twin sisters in the Northern tribe, and served as a scout team in General Rain's army.

They are the daughters of Strepoc, a rich, though non-influential tribal leader, and a mother who was killed shortly after their birth. More of a figurehead, what little power Strepoc actually had he used to keep his girls out of any real danger. Spoiled rotten by their doting father, they had nothing better to do with their time than find new ways of alleviating their boredom. They have secretly hunted and killed a wide variety of prey - and the occasional unfortunate sergal - from a young age, working together as a unit. Though fearsome experts in combat, that thrill has long since left them. Upon entering adolescence, they sought out new ways to dominate those around them.

The characters are created by the artist En Den.

Distinguishing Features

Mirrored Twins

They are literally two halves of a whole. Not just identical twins, they are actual mirror reflections, down to their internal physiology (I.e. Freel's heart is on her right side). As long as they are looking at you (though attracting their attention is generally undesirable), it is rather easy to tell them apart, as their eyes exhibit heterochromia, sky blue and gray. Freel's right eye is blue, and left is gray, Niox's is the reverse.

They are never separated, and practically move in harmony as two limbs of one organism.


The Chiral's fur pattern generally follows the most common traits, with darker fur on the dorsal side and upper tail, lighter fur everywhere else. The darker fur is a cool gray or steel blue, the lighter fur is white.

Each sister has a crescent of darker fur that erupts from behind the rear brow, curving upward to a point below and forward of the eye.

Physical attributes

The Chiral sisters are young: adolescents by sergal standards.

Their bodies are well toned and springy, well suited to their role as military scouts. They tend to wear lighter armor that does not limit their natural speed and agility, and fight with spears in close combat.

Their snouts are not as long and pointed as other, more mature sergals (i.e. General Rain).


The letters in FREEL and NIOX may be rearranged into REFLE and XION, which together spell REFLEXION, a UK spelling of "reflection".

"Chiral" is defined as "handedness," i.e. mirror reflections.

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