Urban Nevreans. The female reads an email on her portable fax, while a male talks to her from a window with his juice.

This article describes common beverages of Tal.

Drinking water

ColVilous Salt Lake's water is highly saline, and there is a high concentration of other minerals in the water and soil of the Sailzane desert region. Eltus people can use this water as drinking water by diluting or filtering it.

Alcoholic beverages

Alcoholic beverages are made from beans, or from dairy products consisting of the fluid secretions of domestic shellfish creatures.


Tea comes in two major varieties: bean tea, made from boiled beans, and prawn tea, made from the roasted shells of terrestrial prawns. Prawn tea is usually consumed with salt, much like seaweed tea in Japan on Earth.


Juices are frequently enhanced with a plethora of different food coloring agents, the same as confectioneries.

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