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Sidestories This article contains information classified under the "Sidestories" canon.
Aruuchi Nira
Aruuchi in the Ruins
Aruuchi exploring Agudner ruins.




Northern Sergal


Nira tribe, Clan Shigu





Aruuchi Nira (アルウチ・ニラ Aruuchi Nira) is a northern sergal of Clan Shigu, from the Nira tribe. An optimist, Aruuchi always seems to wear a relaxed smile upon his face when off duty. He was a scout during Rain's campaigns against the Reono and across the Sailzane and was part of the border patrol later on during times of peace. He has a particular fondness for alcohol, and spends time with Enoca merchants whenever he thinks he can benefit from their generosity. Aruuchi loves to leave the mark of the Shigu clan wherever he can, often making these markings in blood with the mutilated corpses of fallen foes strung up nearby serving as a warning to those that would oppose General Rain.

Aruuchi's best friend is his uncle Torori, who he sees more as a brother than an uncle. They were inseparable growing up, defecting from their own tribe together (among many other youths) to join Rain's army and serving in the same scout squad. He also considers Liam a close friend, who sometimes accompanies the scouting party on his way to deliver messages.

Aruuchi has one daughter, Ikar Nira.

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